One Arm Dove Hunt One Handed World Video

Market research on packaging and products conducted at the Onr Arm Dove Hunt this year, and featuring many of our friends from the Arm-Amp listserv and OPP.

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Comment by Wayne Renardson on September 2, 2013 at 2:46pm

Great video Jon. Back in the day Bill Baughn and his wife Joyce (bilateral AE) were very active in the hunt and he told some interesting stories. Nice to see some of it for the first time. 


Wayne Renardson

Comment by Wolf Schweitzer on November 8, 2010 at 6:12pm
Looks like a tee totally Texan experience! I'd be so Texas'ed out, y'all.

Great product opening review, though.

But I don't think we are meant to do things on our own always. When we are alone, sure. But if I would be about to rip open a bag of chips in the presence of others, and if I would have to resort to an objectionable method (such as using teeth or so), I would definitely get these other folks to open that bag for me. It worked so far rather well, at parties (where people always were helpful to open more chip supply bags et cetera), in a movie theater (where I would usually get a person next to me to at least help with one extra hand to get the gummi bear bag open) or in other situations as well, pubs, bars, people always react very friendly when they are asked nicely.

And then there are killer tools. A power drill to clean out a vacuum inside a glass of conserved food. I usually carry a pair of strong scissors with me.

In a way it feels rather surreal - particularly from here - to know that Texas is home to both this event where people show how hard it is to get simple commercial consumer items opened - and at the same time home to Texas Assist Devices where you can get charming little tooth picks such as this that at the very least should help you decapitate Fanta bottles, chocolate bar wraps and other stuff with joy, speed and perfect efficiency:



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