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Prosthetic History: Becker Hand and Bill McElroy

The Becker Hand is one of the longest-running hand-shape prosthetic products around, and has been well described by Wolf Schweitzer in this post. I have been trying one out, thanks to John Becker, who is still in the family business, and plan to do a more detailed evaluation of this… Continue

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Prosthetic Hook History; Ray Trautman

As you may know, we have a special interest in the hooks developed by Ray Trautman, which were loved by many and have been unavailable for some time. While we've often focused on the 1912 Patent by David Dorrance, you'll notice that one of the distinguishing…


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Bill Langenhorst Story

Hi Folks,

To all those amputees who are sceptical of osseointegration, particularly those in the US who have been fed misinformation, check this out. This guy had such a short femur bone he was in a wheelchair for seven years. He is now walking again and tickled to death because of it. OI was on hold for medical, political reasons in Australia for eight years. There were two research and development government funded implants done in year 2000. In all this time no insurance…


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Prosthetic History: The Body-Powered Arm and William Selpho

I've talked a lot about my (still, unfortunately) favorite prosthetic terminal device, the split hook invented by David Dorrance in 1912. There are two basic benefits that this device offers: (1) body-power, or the ability to open and close the fingers to pick up items, almost like a pair of tweezers, and (2) the useful geometry of the design that… Continue

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